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Large Ensemble Works

technical matters were all polished, but beyond that, Winges showed that he is a composer who knows how and when to let up a bit. Thus, his large piece never sagged, a rare virtue for the music of any period.

— Heuwell Tircuit (San Francisco Chronicle)

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Solstice Dreams (2016 / 2022)
Large chamber ensemble (16 players)  15'


premiere: October 2022 by Ensemble Ibis in Miami, FL.

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    1. Slow Fires, Long Shadows (opening section)     PDF
    2. The Turning (closing section)     PDF
Breath & Hammers (2017)
Solo Piano, Wind Ensemble   20'

written for pianist Blaise Bryski and the Cornell University Wind Symphony, James Spinazzola, conductor

performances: October 1, 2017 in Ithaca, NY

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    1. Straight Ahead Red (beginning)     PDF
    2. South of Midnight (beginning)     PDF
    2. South of Midnight (middle section)     PDF
    3. Blurry Scurry (beginning)     PDF
    3. Blurry Scurry (ending)     PDF
You Already Did (2015)
Band   8½'

written for the Pomona College Band, Graydon Beeks, conductor

performances: April 30 & May 1 in Claremont, CA

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    You Already Did (beginning)     PDF
    You Already Did (ending)     PDF
pax penetralis (inner peace passing through) (2007)
Mixed Chorus, String Orchestra   9'

Comissioned by the San Francisco Choral Society.

performances: November, 2007 in San Francisco

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Mirrors: A Concerto for Bass (2006)
Bass & Orchestra (2[picc]2[eh]2[bs]24000perc[2] solo bass, strings)   18'
    1. sharp, nervous / questing     PDF    
    2. spacious / aggressively buoyant     PDF    
Image and Motion: A Choral Symphony (2001)
Mixed Chorus, Chamber Orchestra (111110002221)   35'

written for VOLTI.

performances: April 2004 in Berkeley and San Francisco

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    1. Scherzo I     PDF
    2. Fantasy     PDF
    3. Scherzo II     PDF
    4. Finale: Mere Tones That Bind     PDF
Aural Colors (1992)
Orchestra (2[picc]2224221 perc[2] piano strings)   10'