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Solo Vocal Works

wonderfully precise and lyrical

— Richard Ragsdale (St Louis Post-Dispatch)

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Leaves from Diana’s Tree (2017)
Soprano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano   16'

written for Shauna Fallihee and the Empyrean Ensemble.

performance: December, 2017 in Davis, CA

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    1. I have made the leap (opening section)     PDF
    2. She undresses (opening section)     PDF
    3. When the palace (opening section)     PDF
    4. Here you live (opening section)     PDF
The Moon Dreams of Jacqueline (2016)
String Quartet and Four Solo Singers   14'

Commissioned by The San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music for the Friction Quartet.

performance: December, 2016 in San Francisco, CA

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    (opening section)     PDF
    (excerpt from middle section)     PDF
Antiphonae (2010)
Soprano, Organ   12'

first performance: September, 2010 in Washington, DC by Rosemarie Houghton and Jay Parrotta

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   1. Spiritus Sanctus     PDF
   2. O Virtus Sapientiae     PDF
   3. O Vos Angeli     PDF
   4. O Virga Mediatrix     PDF
Discover & Reveal (2004)
Alto, Viola, Piano   9'

written for Elizabeth Anker.

first performance: February 2006 in Boston, MA

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   1. In Summer     PDF
   2. A Wren     PDF
   3. Variation on a Theme by Rilke     PDF
   4. That Passeth All Understanding     PDF
   5. A Gift     PDF
The Keeper of Moon-Flowers (2002)
Soprano, Piano   14'

written for Gwen Conti.

first performance: April, 2003 in Chicago, IL., Additional performances: June, 2005 in San Francisco, CA., September, 2005 in Claremont, CA., June, 2009 in Bern, Switzerland

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   1. An Angel Asks     PDF
   2. The Moon Rocks In the Fragrant Small Hours     PDF
   3. The Moon-Dreamer     PDF
   4. Away It Soars     PDF
   5. An Angel Asks     PDF