Antiphonae (2010) is a setting of four Latin texts by Hildegard for soprano and organ. Although of the Christian tradition, the texts of Hildegard seem to me to also be a celebration of the spiritual in a more general sense. In addition to their vivid imagery, I detect a strong sense of the feminine in them. All of these are things that draw me to her writing, and I enjoy working with the open sound of the original Latin as well. Musically, lurking in the background of this piece are the melodic shapes and irregular rhythmic freedom of chant, even though the pitches and rhythms are decidedly of our own time (no chants were harmed during the composing of this music). Antiphonae is a true chamber music duo, with the soprano and organ having equal roles. As such, there is a decided lack of bombast from organ, which instead emphasizes varied colors and textures.