Choral Works

the choral music of San Francisco-based composer Mark Winges probes deeply into the spiritual and sonic depths of the chorus.

— Amanda MacBlane (New Music Box)

Chamber Works

a composer with the skill and self-confidence to write music that is clear, direct, and at times even simple, but not at all simple-minded

— Ronald Caltabiano (SF Classical Voice)

Solo Vocal Works

wonderfully precise and lyrical

— Richard Ragsdale (St Louis Post-Dispatch)

Keyboard Works

vivid writing enhanced by coloristic yet economical registration

— Leonard Raver (The American Organist)

Large Ensemble Works

technical matters were all polished, but beyond that, Winges showed that he is a composer who knows how and when to let up a bit. Thus, his large piece never sagged, a rare virtue for the music of any period.

— Heuwell Tircuit (San Francisco Chronicle)

Anthems, Arrangements & Short Takes

an extraordinary adventure into the realm of possibilities

— Robert Commanday (SF Classical Voice)