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The Music Mark’s music has been described as “stylistically adventurous in setting, but strongly beholden to conventional means” (Gramophone). Both vocal (from solo voice to chorus) and instrumental (solo, chamber, orchestral, band) genres are represented in his catalog. Clarity of expression, a sense of forward motion, formal designs, and a belief that sound and gesture create their own meaning are important elements in all of his works. His music is freely chromatic, sometimes with tonal centers, and includes regular, propulsive rhythms as well as more complex irregular patterns.

In addition to his concert music, he has written anthems for church use, and made arrangements of early American shape-note tunes.

Mark Winges The Composer Early beginnings in piano, organ and composition were followed by degrees in the US (Cincinnati, San Francisco) and additional composition study in Stockholm, Sweden. Also lurking in his distant past are flirtations as a performer on oboe, recorder, krummhorn and electric bass. He is the resident composer / advisor for the chamber choir Volti in San Francisco, and is active as a free-lance organist. He was also composer-in-residence for the San Francisco Choral Artists for the 2012 / 13 season.

His most recent CD is Night-Voiced, a collection of chamber works for viola. His Pandora's Gift, a 35-minute staged work for unaccompanied treble and mixed choirs, was premiered at Z Space in San Francisco. He is a featured composer for Eight Strings and a Whistle (for whom he wrote Loki's Lair), and his recent e-interview with 8SW's Suzanne Gilchrest discusses his musical enthusiasms while completely ignoring his fondness for cats. He has a shy streak, which sometimes causes him to refer to himself in the third rather than first person. Singular, isn’t it?


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