Local Colloquies

Local Colloquies explores two ways that musical material can unfold. The Leftover Ephemera of Past Seasons is improvisatory in nature. Harmony and melodic motives recur, but their placement in the flow is unpredictable and not tied to a formal pattern. This first movement is introductory in nature and maintains a single mood (marked “delicately emphatic” in the score) throughout. The multi-sectional More Orange Than Triangular is more rigorous in that the music heard in the first section generates much of the material for the entire movement. Also, since both opening and closing sections contain fast, rhythmic music, there is a greater sense of closure in this movement.

In addition (or maybe despite) these underpinnings, it's the musical surface that sticks in a listener's ear (at least, that's my experiences as a listener). “Past Seasons” is not only the memories of last fall, last summer, but also concerts from past musical seasons. What sticks with me from my own concert experiences are the engaging colors, brilliant playing and heartfelt music making I have been lucky enough to hear. Since some of the formal aspects of specific pieces have faded, my own memories are probably More Orange Than Triangular.